The Set Mind Coaching

Creating a life you love does not require
rocket science. It is not that complicated.

You do not need a degree
to create a life and career
you love.

It starts with getting clear about
how that life looks and feels.
Then, you develop the strategy
to create that life, and enjoy!

That’s it.

This is your time if:

  • You want to get clear on your next empowered step.

  • You want to overcome the limiting beliefs that have prevented you from living to your full potential.

  • You want to live with greater fulfillment and joy.

  • You want a safe space to explore, educate and empower the real YOU.

  • You want to develop healthier habits and invest in your growth.

  • You want to advance in your career or business.

  • You want to develop your personal/ professional brand.

  • You want to create and launch a new product or service.

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Meet Natasha

Natasha A. Pierre is an award-winning speaker, author, Certified Emotional Intelligence (EQ-I 2.0/EQ360) Coach with over two decades of experience providing coaching, training and development to individuals, small businesses, and corporations.She has successfully assisted audiences across the country with establishing clarity, developing strategy, and executing boldly in their personal and professional lives.Her relatable style has allowed her to connect with global audiences to share her stories of resilience, reinvention and living each day with purpose-consciousness.


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"Distractions are what you see when
you take your eyes off of your goal."

What You Receive:

  • Four (4) 60-minute Coaching Sessions

  • Complete Emotional Quotient Inventory EQ-I 2.0

  • Personal and/or Professional Audit

  • Email access between sessions

  • Natasha's two books - Provoking Thoughts & Jumpstart Your Happy

  • Tailored Resource List

Choose Your Plan

Billed Monthly for 3 months


Paid in Full


Next Coaching Cohort Begins October 2022

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